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20 Apr Lizzy Fenton: excellent girlfriend material. Lizzy Fenton, a student at the University of Minnesota, became a viral star this week after sharing a PowerPoint slideshow she put together, supposedly to convince her crush to go out with her. Titled "Why You Should Date Me," the six. CULTURE a) Culture, Gender Equality and Development Cooperation. Why this note? Concerns about culture are frequently raised in relation to initiatives for gender equality in development cooperation. in ongoing discussions on culture and development: . the equality implications of provisions on marriage, divorce . Charles Wilkes, commander of the United States Exploring Expedition, observed the culture in and established a permanent relationship with the Samoans. In the s, Pago Pago's well-protected harbor was a popular port for American whaling ships. In April , a coaling station was built in Pago Pago harbor by.

An early explorer, Louis de Bougainville called the Samoan islands the Navigator's Islands, and some early government reports may refer to American Samoa as Eastern Samoa.

The four western islands constitute the independent nation of Western Samoa now "Samoa". In American Samoa, an unincorporated territory only Just offshore is Aunu'u, and sixty miles to the east is the Manu'a Group: The most remote parts are two atolls, Swain's Island and Rose Island. The main islands are of volcanic origin, with low coastal areas, fringe reefs, and sand beaches where most villages are located. The land rises click here to highland ridges with mountain summits as high as feet.

In this tropical climate, vegetation is dense, and mountain slopes are heavily wooded. The population has been projected to be sixty-five thousand in the yeara 69 percent increase since This population is 89 percent Samoan, 3.

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The remaining 5 percent are small subgroups from other Pacific islands, Asians, and groups of mixed heritage. The increase in population since can be attributed to improved health care and sanitation, a high birthrate, reduced infant mortality, increased life expectancy, and immigration.

The Samoan language is part of the Austronesian linguistic family. The Samoic subgroup includes Samoan and the languages of Tokelau and Tuvalu. What Is American Dating Culture Ppt Download is spoken at home, but most residents also speak English. English is taught in schools from the early grades, and the census reported that fewer than a thousand people age five or older did not speak English. Fa'aSamoa, "the Samoan way," encompasses attitudes, beliefs, and traditions that symbolize a world view, shared throughout the archipelago.

It is their explanation of the appropriate way to live. Emergence of the Nation. The ancestors of present-day Samoans moved out of Southeast Asia and settled in islands just west of Samoa as early as B.

They arrived on a double hulled sailing craft with domesticated plants taro and yamspigs, chickens, and dogs, as well as pottery known as lapita ware. By the first century A. Charles Wilkes, commander of the United States Exploring Expedition, observed the culture in and established a permanent relationship with the Samoans.

In the s, Pago Pago's well-protected harbor was a popular port for American whaling ships. In Aprila coaling station was built in Pago Pago harbor by the U. Navy, and in Februarya deed of cession was negotiated with Tutuila chiefs by Naval Commander B. In American Samoathe Manu'a group was added when a similar treaty was signed by their king.

Navy administration was never oppressive. Samoan customs were preserved if not in conflict with U. Hereditary chiefs and talking click here were allowed to retain their own forms of assemblage to deal with local political affairs.

Naval officers served as governors untilwhen the U. Department of the Interior assumed responsibility and governors were appointed by the President. Sincegovernors have been elected by the Samoan people. Native born American Samoans are U. Samoans take pride in their status as a U.

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The American population has never been large, but Americans have held important positions in government agencies and the public school system. Some intermarriage has occurred, and Americans who become long-term residents tend to adapt to the Samoan way of life. Sincethere has been an increased flow of Samoan migrants to the United States, where they have established their own churches and often maintain a Samoan lifestyle. Until the twentieth century, the lifestyle was rural, and this remains the case in outlying islands and most villages outside Pago Pago Bay.

Urban development around the bay and near the airport has a small-town quality. Until the s, traditional houses fale were oval structures with floors of coral pebbles and round wooden posts supporting a beehive-shaped roof covered with sugarcane thatch. Those very open houses were well adapted to the tropical environment and fostered interaction with passers-by. Privacy was and still is minimal.

I shows and have information of my culture and my nation. Samoa was so great in the past. Is it tradition to return the item to the family? During his speech at Global Entrepreneurship Week, venture capitalist Kevin O'Leary outlined what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. In The Power of VideoDr.

Most families had a house for sleeping and a small cook house in the back, and some had a guest house for entertaining visitors. Since the s, the American government has promoted the building of concrete "hurricane houses" with corrugated metal roofs to minimize storm damage.

What Is American Dating Culture Ppt Download

These rectangular structures are more enclosed, with doors, windows, and sometimes room partitions. Other houses are built of wood or brick. Furnishings in traditional houses were minimal—mats for sitting and sleeping and little else—but some modern houses are fully furnished, and most have television, and telephones.

Legislative buildings are designed in the traditional oval shape, as are public school source, the farmer's market, and parts of the airport terminal building.

Nearly everyone marries, usually in the middle to late twenties, and weddings involve elaborate gift exchanges between the two families. In American Samoa, village leadership is the function of a council made up of the chiefs, or matai, of each household. The rule of three. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. I want them to know how samoan way of living.

Some commercial buildings now reflect American architectural designs. Fale houses in the village of Fituita. Fale homes were traditionally built with coral pebbles for flooring and sugarcane roof thatch. Food in Daily Life. Staples of the diet remain taro, breadfruit, bananas, coconuts, papayas, mangoes, some chicken, pork, canned corned beef pisupo and seafood.

Onions, potatoes, lettuce, cabbages, carrots, beans, and tomatoes are also eaten occasionally. Supermarkets carry most foods found in a U. In the past, meals were eaten at midmorning and early evening. Food is cooked but may be served cold. Traditionally, most families ate while seated on mats on the floor and many What Is American Dating Culture Ppt Download do.

Elders and guests are always served first; children and the women often eat later. With changes in work patterns, three meals daily are now typical. Most restaurants on Tutuila specialize in American and other foreign foods, but a few offer more traditional Samoan foods. Food Customs at Ceremonial Occasions.

Foods served on ceremonial occasions include daily fare plus whole pigs, potato salad, chop suey, puddings, cakes, and ice cream. Palusami coconut cream bundled in young taro leaves has become a treat for special occasions.

A great quantity of food is served at special events, with guests being expected to eat a portion and take the rest home to share with their households. Kavaa nonalcoholic, mildly narcotic drink, is served to chiefs on ceremonial occasions.

In this traditionally agricultural country, only farms "plantations" produced for family consumption in and produced crops for sale. Two-thirds of these farms have less than five acres. What Is American Dating Culture Ppt Download include food, fuel, raw materials for manufacturers, building materials, and mechanical equipment. The government employs 30 percent of the workforce, the tuna canneries employ 33 percent; the remaining 37 percent fill service, professional, and laborer positions.

About 56 percent of families What Is American Dating Culture Ppt Download below the poverty level. Land Tenure and Property. With the exception of small amounts of government and church property, most land is owned by Samoans. Traditionally, click ownership was by 'aiga and was controlled by the matai. This remains true for much land.

Some whites married to Samoan women acquired individual ownership of land before the s, when the U. Navy outlawed land sales. A cruise ship moored at Pago Pago. Visitors to American Samoa help boost the local economy. Individual land purchases now are restricted to persons with at least 50 percent Samoan blood. Most commerce is based on the sale of imported products.

The most common retail trade establishments are places to eat over and grocery stores nearlyparticularly small family-owned general stores. The largest industry is fish processing and canning, with pet food as a by-product. Canned tuna, shipped to the United States, accounts for 94 percent of exports.

There is also a garment industry, whose products represent 4 percent of exports. Age is an important determinant of work roles, with young people engaging in strenuous activities while the elderly play a more sedentary, supervisory and educational role.

What Is American Dating Culture Ppt Download

Children have household responsibilities while leadership roles are given to middle-aged or older persons. In the past some people had specialized skills in building traditional boats and houses, fishing, and medicine. There is no true class system in American Samoa.

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Chiefs' titles are ranked to some degree based on centuries old traditions. These titles belong to specific families 'aigaand some are ranked higher and are more respected read article others. This is primarily significant ceremonially and determines seating in the fono village council and the order in which kava is served, but all have an equal opportunity to speak. Any male can aspire to be a matai, since titles are acquired through a democratic process of election by their aiga.

The governor and lieutenant governor are elected by popular vote for a four-year term. There are two legislative bodies: American Samoa is represented in the U. House of Representatives by a nonvoting delegate. The government is funded in part by local taxes, but the United States provides over 60 percent of funding through grants.