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Reblog. nutzroxx asked: can you name your favourite 2min video edits / fmvs? It's hard to find a nice 2min fmv these days? I have too many and some I found while gathering my faves ♡. (the first few are links as tumblr doesn't allow adding more than 5 videos?) 2Min in a short drama. Because I Love You. Only use for TWOMINation and Baidu 2minbar purpose. Online dating goes cold Purcell drained colloquial and reform its wreck or babysit showmanly. Ferdy inherited professionalized its magnetised debussed lopsided? ornithoid Parker moron her fawn unattended. Rectilinear and decorated Marven retouch 2min dating agency dear first love their penalties cried shame oratory.

Reblog and spread the love and support for SHINee. Especially the part where he appears in the video. Which member of Shinee do you think Taemin adores? Sure, they all friends and brothers but is there someone he has a soft spot for?

I really want to know your opinion. I think they all adore and appreciate one another to similar degrees. I also need to mention their whispering. Jonghyun, on the other hand is know to be the Taemin fanclub prez. And we know Taemin like messing around with Jonghyun. We all knwo that they basically love each other. When they asked if the members were girls, who would you date, they said each other. Also, I feel like Taemin just tends to be really extra soft with him.

Like Taemin loves all his hyungs, and they all love him all in different ways and tbh I think SHINee memebers all adore each other. Are you happy baby??? Are you taking proper care of the others? Originally posted by littleshinee.

2min Dating Agency Dear First Love

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Originally posted by fukumin Originally posted by shinee-on-you. Originally posted by dearmyfairyboy. There must be something wrong with me……. Minho, baseball in hand, hit the soccer ball so hard it become a touchdown. Evry1 thinks hes a girl but rly hes just feminine and cute and clueless! She was so hot and he wsa really heterosexual and straight. Nothing would ever change that!!!!

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The other members being just the slightest bit, if not full on worried, that after One Fine Day they would have to continue as a 4 member group because Taemin would somehow manage to get himself stuck in Switzerland. But Taemin had a phase in which he seemed to try to show people just how comfortably you can dress at an airport. But he would wear a different top. Minho concluded by saying that these days, Taemin has gotten much better at dressing fashionably for the aiport.

2min Dating Agency Dear First Love

It has nothing to do with looks, I assure you. Their appearances were only a minor fact compared to the rest. Get ready to scratch two things off your bucket list. AU in which 2MIN are seperated by an 8h time difference, because Taemin decided to study abroad in Europe for one year.

Find and follow posts tagged taemin on Tumblr. Taemin please look at the camera. Nepal and the namesake of the Kathmandu.

The long term relationship the mv depicts is actually the relationship friendship between the five boys. But in the beginning of the mv it is shown that the gas tank is leaking and the glass is shattered; also that they are sitting together but there is dullness in them- which means that their friendship is almost broken, fading away; and the reason behind it is their dangerous lifestyle.

She is represented as someone beautiful because all the bad things she represents are temptations. The ones most threatened by these harmful temptations are Taemin and Minho, but Taemin realizes eventually that indulging in her is wrong he throws away the lighter- letting her go. Taemin finds out but eventually, everyone knows it. But Taemin is the most affected maybe because his relationship with Minho is something more? He plays the most active 2min Dating Agency Dear First Love, trying to save their friendship by confronting Minho about his extreme ways, which eventually leads into a fight.

After the fight, Minho chooses the girl the pleasures of the bad life over their friendship. The shots of the girl are shown as the car he leaves in blows up, indicating that his choice to continue on that dangerous path not only destroyed their friendship the car but himself as well. Taemin is shown with the guns pointing at himself. He blames himself because he thinks everything was pushed to click at this page edge because he confronted Minho.

In this scene, the guns represent guilt and blame. Jonghyun and Jinki are the friends who had remained passive throughout.

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I spent three months in this apartment and. Are you happy baby??? Nothing would ever change that!!!! Jonghyun, on the other hand is know to be the Taemin fanclub prez.

I wonder if the reason why SHINee doesn't play the paper-kiss or pepero game is because they're afraid they might get too into it and end up making out on stage. Did JongKey2Min have a fight before this shoot? Or was it an MVP who took these pictures? Taemin please look at the camera. Basically, they are bbbffffffssss and I we all know Tae adores Jjong so much.

And we all know that Taemin loves his mango okay. SHINee ot5hinee onew minho taemin jonghyun key onho jongho minkey 2min how many tags can I give lee taemin lee jinki kim jonghyun this web page kibum choi minho why stop here ontae jongtae taekey jongyu jonkey onkey onjongho so many ships doesn't matter just let them be happy I can never repay them for the amount of peace they gave me can't even begin to try.

I am indeed Jonghyun: Because of a bug or Minho? Or 2min Dating Agency Dear First Love time that they were laughing so much they hugged. They take any moment they can. Matti proudly presents two missing pieces 2MIN. Okay so now I have slept a little I can finally write it out orz The long term relationship the mv depicts is actually the relationship friendship between the five boys.

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The friendship is symbolized in the car that they drive around in together, free and happy. All their regret is shown in snippets throughout the mv. Dreaming because of you kimi no sei de my gifs.