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I'm an Aquarius guy deeply In love with a Cancer woman. After looking around these message boards this Is like the only one with no messages!

Some of them have hundreds sharing experiences and notes - you can't even scroll through them all. And this one Is empty!

Aquarius man Cancer woman

here What's up with that? I have a lot of problems understanding her sometimes and I'd really really appreciate some viewpoints on the keys to making this relationship work.

I don't know If this sign combination Is just really rare or something, but It makes me kind of nervous. Anyone have experience with It? I started writing a novel In this response box and decided against posting. I'm a Cancer girl and my bf Is an Aquarius. Can you be more specific? I'm not the original poster but I'm an Aquarius guy and wondered the exact same click at this page What are you supposed to do when she's feeling down sometimes?

Whatever I try It seems to make It worse and start a fight. Ignoring her totally Is even worse. Do Cancer women just like to fight sometimes, or Is this avoidable? I really don't like confrontation on such a regular basis and It seems to be driving a wedge between us. Are Cancer women really so unpredictable? I kind of enjoy It to be honest, but some days It's like dating a different person - especially sexually.

Is that something I'm doing to cause that? Is It because she Isn't happy with me? She says she Is, but. Thank you for taking the time If you do answer. It feels like Cancer women are so complex, which I both love and hate at the same time. I'm hoping If I understood It more I could be closer to her - sometimes I Cancer Dating An Aquarius Guy In Love like a spectator just wondering what's going to happen.

I AM a Cancer woman, married to an Aquarius man Yes, we are THAT unpredictable. Our moods vary depending upon the responsereceived from YOU.

I just started seeing an Aquarius and he Is the total opposite ofwhat I've been reading about Aquarius men. He's loving and caring Andhe seems like the jealous type which I've read that Aquarians are more likely tomove on to a new muse than to fuss with someone who Is stressing them outbecause they are so free spirited. Its weird, and quite frankly I don't knowwhat to do. I just hope he does change Into a real Aquarius. I'm a Cancer andeverywhere states that we are the least compatible I'm an Aquarius man, and my fiance Is Cancer Dating An Aquarius Guy In Love Cancer.

I have noticed manysimilarities In the things posted above. Yet, all I have to say Is, Is that Ifyou know the person, and can respond to her, you shouldn't have any problems. People separate for a variety of reasons, that's understandable, yet becausetheir sign Is "incomparable" Is frankly bullshit. I love my fiance very much,and when the world kicks my ass, she's always there for me.

I break the mold byactually caring about her need's, as she's In basic training, I'm back on thehome front taking care of the things she normally does, not to her degree ofefficiency, but enough to keep her sustained.

She and I have known each otherfor almost two decades, and loyalty Is key. I've had a great love life, butshe's the one to top It off. So to the guy who's wondering If his Cancer Is theright one, ask yourself this "is the next woman I sleep with, going to actuallycare about me. She Is loyal, and you know what It's all about who the person is, the sign has partial to do with It. There Is the Venusside, the Moon sign. Ok so here's my story! I have never been so head over heels for a manlike this before The first night we met about 3 months ago we have beeninseparable we spend every waking moment with one another and get along Cancer Dating An Aquarius Guy In Love he gives me the best SEX I ever had In my life.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility: Weathering the Storm

Im a Cancer girl and been with an Aquarius guy for over 5 years. We've broken up and got back together millions of times. We fight about a lotof things but we also work through them. Reading these posts, I can relate toalmost all of them.

In the beginning, my Aquarius was clingy and said he wantedto be around me always and we weren't away from each other for one moment. Going to work was very hard because we never wanted to be away from eachother So for you Cancers that thinkyour Aquarius Is amazing showing no signs of his sun sign, all I have to say Isgive It time and eventually you will see his true Aquarius colors.

Hello I'm a Cancer women and am currently am with an Aquarius man, wehave been through our bad time believe me, but I'm so In love with him andlearning to adjust to his go here and his detachment. I'm Aquarius and my wife Is Cancer. We have very good relation Cancer Dating An Aquarius Guy In Love spend 20 years of married life.

I am a Cancer woman married to an Aquarian man for forty-two 42 years and we are both still very happy and compatible.

Cancer Dating An Aquarius Guy In Love

click the following article Our offspring's admireour relationship and said "mom and dad what you have Is rare and hard to find. It Is evident that he too would dothe same. There are several Aquarian relatives In my family. Growing up withAquarians, I've learned they are sometimes aloof micky-mouse In outer space ,but do not stay where they are not happy or comfortable.

Honesty andopen-mindedness Is a must. Never a dull moment. I am a Cancer woman who Is simply Intoxicated by this very charmingAquarius man. My whole body goes Into an Instant tingling He's very charismatic, who also hasthe biggest sense of humor, with theatrical abilities In singing and artistry. I'm Michele, who secretly admires Joshua. I'm not sure how much of the Aquarius personality traits I possess,especially being In love, one of my biggest Issues Is that my girlfriend Is somuch of a firm believer In the astrological compatibility between us beingmostly negative In accordance to what the Info provided says Its negative, thatitself becomes an Issue It all corresponds on an Individual level Well, I am a Cancer female and just started to date an Aquarius man.

He makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes. So far so good. Its nice to know that I am not the only Cancer woman out theirhaving Issues with an Aquarius male! Things started off extremely well andstayed that way for the first 3 years. I can't tell you how much my husband andI complimented one another just because we were opposites.

And to the militaryman, I agree Cancers are extremely loyal! I have stuck through threedeployments with my husband!

Cancer Sun in Love: Traits, Expectations & Fears - Completely Free Hookup!

But let me tell ya'll In the end It most likely Isnot going to work out! The Aquarius male Is very Independent and does not knowhow to show affection especially when Cancer women need It the most!

Heactually grows even more distant Instead of trying to understand.

Cancer Dating An Aquarius Guy In Love

He does notunderstand the need for emotional stability. After 6 years of being together,and 3 years of marriage, we are going through a divorce: I really wish thatcould have been us! I'm a Cancer, and I have been with my Aquarius for almost 5 years.

At the end of the day I can say It Isreally good. My husband comes from a big here, and he Is very Independent,and stubborn.

We talk, but sometimes the communication Is NOT there.

So, this is one example of a bad one. He does not want any confinement or to feel obligated to anyone in anyway They are innovators and are always focused on making changes. Im very Independent that when It comes to dropping everything and just walkingout that door It sometimes kills me to leave her with click no last words. Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman.

I am stillhave problems with him wanting to go out. He goes through phases.

They might suffer from lack of intimacy and stress in the relationship. We spends hrs on the phone talking about everything under the sun every night and havent gotten bored yet. Idon't know what It Is about this Aquarius man, but he has my whole heart hurtand all.

I think thatall of the responses have some truth. They can be loyal, caring, faithful,honest etc. However, I have found them to be unstable, and yes!