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Sagittarius October 2017 ~ Communicate Your Desires In a Collaborative Way

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Sagittarius men may seem a bit hard to understand with their spontaneous, adventure loving personality paired with their sometimes cutting words of calling it how they see it. These men are sociable. 12 Dec We've read a lot of comments and had a lot of questions about how hard it is to communicate with a Sagittarius man. There are also questions about how to understand a male Sagittarius partner. Technically these two are different and if it's just communicating per se, you shouldn't have a problem doing so. I'm a Pisces woman and I dated a Sagittarius man. It was a long distance romance so we did the bulk of our communicating on the telephone. Needless to say, we tended to keep things light on the phone. Months went by before I found out that he was one of the world's worst communicators. We had spent a few weekends.

Sagittarius guys are some of the most exciting, adventurous, and charming men out there. The Sagittarius is the archer centaur--this Zodiac sign stands for freedom, adventure, and passion. In order to capture a free-spirited archer, you're going to need to put your game face on.

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Sagittarius guys are constantly expanding their horizons--they crave new knowledge, new scenery, and new adventures. A great way to show that you are flexible is to suggest a crazy adventure.

This is a huge turnoff for a Sag man because it is one of his biggest fears. He will be very pulled to you when you praise or reinforce his visionary ideas. Which means keep your conversation as superficial as possible. But he gives all the big talk like plan to live with me, get married and have 3 kids since the first day. Now if I even try to respond or talk to him I get yelled at.

Reveal yourself in layers by being mysterious. Sagittarius guys like girls who hold back about themselves a little. Instead, reveal your personality in bits and pieces. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, click means that they enjoy puzzles.

Make him have to figure you out. Being mysterious and aloof does not mean that you should lie to seem mysterious.

What Does A Sagittarius Man Do When He Likes You?

Generally Sagittarian guys are an excellent judge of character--which means they can hear a fake laugh a mile off. When you are around your guy, always make sure to tell the truth and link honestly. Sagittarius guys are trusting but have a hard time trusting again once they have been let down.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man and Make Him Fall for You

This means keeping things click the following article. Be fun and playful and avoid being negative around your guy. Archers are generally happy, active people who want to have a good time. Try to avoid complaining or speaking negatively about others. How To Communicate With A Sagittarius Man out of your way to make your time with your archer fun.

Laugh and smile a lot, and make fun suggestions like going out on the dance floor or doing a fun activity together. Sagittarius guys love a girl who is unpredictable and always keeps them guessing.

While this does not necessarily mean you should play hard to get, you should challenge him a bit. Play coy and make him work for your affection. You must be clever to catch an archer. Debate him on topics that you are both interested in. Have a love of travel.

Sagittarius guys never stay in one place for very long so you are going to need a love of travel and adventure to capture the attention of an archer. When you first start talking with him, ask him about his travels and then relate some of your own this may also be a great time to play up your mysterious side by giving vague answers about why you went to a certain place.

Plan an adventure day in which the two of you explore an area neither of you have been before. A pie shop on a huge farm where you can learn to milk cows? Sagittarius guys love to flirt.

The archer will love you confidence and will be flattered by your attention, and will much more than likely flirt right back. To get his attention before even talking to him, make eye contact with him across the room.

How To Communicate With A Sagittarius Man

Catch his gaze, then drop your eyes while slightly smiling. Do not act overly clingy. A big part of the Sagittarius personality is his love of freedom. This will show him that you are not expecting him to wait on you hand and foot. Look your best at all times. Arches love women who are put together, dressed well, and sexy but without being too revealing. No man and certainly not an archer will be able to resist you.

Try out scents with hints of citrus and orange blossom. That way, even if you have to hike up 20 blocks to the party you are going to, you can refresh and smell great once you get to the top.

Play up your best assets.

How To Communicate With A Sagittarius Man

Are your eyes a crazy shade of blue? Do you have gorgeous mile-long legs? Maybe your hair is a prize asset of yours. Whatever it is, make sure he notices. Wear clothes that play up your best features.

Wear makeup that makes your eyes pop and style your hair to perfection. Have confidence in your appearance and personality. Archers love a woman who has confidence in herself. Know that you are a beautiful, strong, intelligent woman--and show them that you know this fact. A woman who knows she is sexy is a thousands times sexier than a woman who is fidgeting with her hair, clothes, face, etc. You're helping people by reading wikiHow wikiHow's mission is to help people learn, so we really hope this article taught you what you wanted to know.

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Tips Don't lose sight of the fact that you are your own woman. Don't change yourself completely in order to attract your archer. Be true to yourself while also be appealing to him.

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Sensitive, social, friendly, funny and like enjoying my life. He and I ended up being compatible in every way and he said I was "perfect" for him. I am a Cancer. These attributes are deeply ingrained in his character. Anonymous ummmmmmmmm welll i am a sagittarius female

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A lot of maybe zone up in here. But I'm down for the adventure, and hoping I can turn the tables on him. My crush is a Sagittarius and he said he "hates me", but whenever I stop giving him my attention and slightly ignore him, he chases me like a puppy!

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