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30 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

What nicknames do guys like to be called? - relationship advice

2 Dec There's something about 'babe' that's cute with the perfect touch of hot. 5. Bad Boy. Guys love to be called bad boys. (Because they know the ladies love them, right?) 6. Big Guy. For the husky males with plenty of strength! 7. Boo. Of course you know this super-popular nickname! Can't go wrong with it. 4 Aug A girl who thought of cute boyfriend nicknames for her boyfriend laughing with him. Honey bunny, sweetie pie, my boo, my beau—nicknames for the love in your life come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes a pet name can come from an inside joke. Other times it's a shortening of a last name, a childhood. 30 May Knight in Shining Armor – A classic nickname that every man will love. Gum Drop – A super cute name that looks like something right out of middle school. Hunny / Hun / Hun Bun – A simple, classic and cute way to call your guy. Pumpkin – I do not know a person who would not like to be called a “pumpkin”.

I guess women dont understand Men very well either. These Nicknames suck in my opinion, and I wouldnt enjoy being referred to as any of them. This is one word which would light any guy's day and will assure him that you find him handsome and attractive.

70 Cute names to call your boyfriend - Completely Free Hookup!

This assurance is very important in any relationship. A very popular nickname given that cowboys are considered to be manly and sexy 3. Goes without saying that every one wants to be a movie star. Give him the feel of it by using this nickname 4.

Honey Bear or Big guy: Would suit perfectly if your boyfriend is tall and well built 5.

Nicknames Guys Like To Be Called

Cuddly Bear or Honey Bear: This is a cute nickname which fits perfectly if your boy is a cool dude who loves having fun 6. Hot Chocolate or H. A perfect cute nick name for any tall, dark and handsome man. Irrespective of these traits, any man would love to hear the word hot chocolate coming out of their girlfriend's mouth 7. Baby or Sweetheart or Darling or Honey or Sweetie pie: These nicknames are gender free and both men and women love to hear these words coming from their lover 8.

Any guy would love to hear his girl calling him tiger. The word tiger is synonymous with power which men love to have. If you can make a check this out feel important, the man is yours Nicknames Guys Like To Be Called the taking.

Not used very often, but any man would love to get this nickname from his girl. After all what could be more flattering than the fact that you consider him a stud? Sugar Daddy or Daddy: Adorable nickname for your boyfriend. But there are some men who might not like to hear this nickname, so watch out. I would much rather hear my own name on a regular basis, rather than ANY of these nicknames. What do you think about these?

Would you feel any better about yourself if you were referred to by one of these names? This brings up another question in my opinion. After reading some of the explanations, do womenthink men are this stupid? And here are the nicknames I wouldn't mind being called. Yeah, "Handsome" is the one I wouldnt mind being called I guess.

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend, According to Guys

The others are just insulting to my intelligence almost My ex used to call me baby doll all the time and I thought it was cute, but some of those like 'cowboy' are just tacky and gross Honestly, though, the best nicknames are the ones you come up with, I used to call my last girlfriend my "shidley doo" and " my shinkley dinkley doo"and retarded crap like that ALL the time as an inside joke.

Sure it soundsbadand childish, but because we came up with it together through beign with eachother all the time it felt more special and personal. Handsome - I'd like to be called handsome but I wouldn't want it to be my nickname 2. Cowboy - Read more thanks.

150+ Really Cute Nicknames for Guys

Movie Star - Sounds lame. Honey bear or big guy - I'm not big or well built so I wouldn't like to be called a bear or big guy. Cuddly bear or honey bear - Enough with the bears! Hot chocolate or H. In fact, my ex gf called me baby and honey. Tiger - I guess some guys would like it but I personally wouldn't want to be called tiger.

Stud - No no no no no no! KcurtorMas My take on that list.

Nicknames Guys Like To Be Called

Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. KcurtorMas Follow Forum Posts: I wanna be called "saddle" I would hate to be called any of those.

Personally I like babe or hunni or cutie Stud - No no no no no no! A very popular nickname given that cowboys are considered to be manly and sexy If my girlfriend called me cowboy i would be like wtf cowboy? I know, I am weird: A female reader, anonymouswrites 4 July

Cosmotron Follow Forum Posts: KcurtorMas And here are the nicknames I wouldn't mind being called. No preference but I liked when this one girl would call me papi lol. I hear couples call eachother Babe a lot. But I have been called big guy and stud a couple of times. Baconbits Follow Forum Posts: I wouldn't mind being called some of those Movie star is just kinda out there.

Some of those yes though. Yeah, call me that. XilePrincess Follow Forum Posts: I use "honey bear" but then again, i call my cat that too. I have nothing nice to say. I laugh if a girl referred see more me by some of those.

I don't really like any of those Nicknames Guys Like To Be Called listed in the op. Being called daddy would be creepy. Very masculine, don't you think? Handsome and babe are alright I suppose Then I'd think about Bioshock and lol.

Yandere Follow Forum Posts: All of those would make me laugh honestly. I like when my girl calls me "garbage man" and "loser piece of trash". A very popular nickname given that cowboys are considered to be manly and sexy If my girlfriend called me cowboy i would be like wtf cowboy? I get called Link and Sex Mr.

I call her Hell Kitten: Maqda7 Follow Forum Posts: Most of the websites generalize the writer's own opinion. I only like being called hun or Babe.

My boyfriend calls me "babe" all the time, but I've never given him a pet name. Romeo — For the charmer who loves to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Tiger — Because he is your beast of prey who protects you all the time.

Kenny Follow Forum Posts: I go by the name "Mysterious stranger who is hung like a donkey. Jekken6 Follow Forum Posts: Cutie pie would be nice: I'm fine with sexy beast thank you. The only time I would want a girl to even say "Hot Chocolate" to me was if they said "Do you want some" first.

Being called Tiger turns me on I really like Golf.: Gamingcucumber Follow Forum Posts: I would like to be called Spiderman. SolidSnake35 Follow Forum Posts: None of those sounds too good. I'd feel somewhat humiliated by some of them. I always liked being called musical genius: I call my bf Albear: Cause he's big and cuddly and cute: I prefer to call bfs by their nicknames. Bring back the main forum list.