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Straight dudes of Reddit. Have you ever had a gay moment/experience? : AskReddit

28 May Made out with a male model on a dare. At a party with mainly chicks, while I'm straight but he's gay. He's my good friend and a girl dared us and all the other girls started cheering us on, so he leaned in and made out with me for a solid minute. It was weird as fuck, but he's the best kisser I've ever kissed. 14 Feb The subject of straight-identifying men who have sex with other men is a fascinating one, in that it shines a light on some extremely potent, personal note that many of their respondents simply “see no real personal or social advantages that would stem from publicly adopting an identity as bisexual or gay. My First Gay Experience At the Gym [srs thread] ask me anything! You all should read this from beginning to end. I promise you'll be glad that u did, as there's a lot of things to be learned from this from my experience as a % straight guy. I was working out earlier today at my gym. So I was at the locker.

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of You all should read this from beginning to end. I was working out earlier today at my gym. So I was at the locker room changing and I dropped my wallet and didn't realize it and some new guy I've never seen before picked it read article and gave it to me.

I thanked him and we just had a small talk and he told me he's new at the gym, and since my workout buddy was sick today, I asked him if he wanted to workout together, and so we did.

How gay and straight men became the best of friends

In between our sets, we had small talks, and I asked him if he had a gf, and he told me he's gay. I was like congrats bro I'm so happy for you, cuz i didn't know whatta say. I'd never guess he was gay since he acts, looks, dresses, walks, and talks like a masculine dude. Even if you are straight, u sure as hell do know when a guy looks really good [but College Gay Straight Men Gym Fantasy Straight won't admit it lol].

I've always wanted to know why there are so many gay people in the world nowadays. Back then, it was rare to see a gay folks and now they are like everywhere! Growing up, I used to believe in many things that I later rejected e.

I mean, life's too short and there's so many things to do in life to try out so I decided I was gonna try to hook up with a gay dude with me being str8. So after we finished working out, I asked him if he wanna come over and "hang link and have fun.

OP, you abusing dat der SRS tag? Marriage equality, having been baked into the constitution, gives you even more permission to be gayer than ever before. This is why feminism — and women in general — have made it harder for straight-identifying men to be openly casual and relaxed about their same-sex experiences with other men. Bisexuality is a sexual orientation just like homosexuality is.

But since Check this out was straight, I didn't feel the urge to bang him. So when he came over, I asked him I wanna experiment, and he gave me a blowj0b and it felt totally amazing, better than from all the chicks. It made sense to me, since he's a dude and know the male anatomy well. I'd never thought I'd ever do this, but afterward I asked him if I can suck his ding dong to see why girls love the cawk so much, and it made so much sense to me once I tried it.

Simply put, it made me feel almighty and king-like without resorting to illegal drugs. Then, he asked me to bang him so I did and it felt very tight, and feel better than a chick's vag for reasons I somehow can't explain. Afterward, I asked him to enter me because I've always wanted to know how it feel College Gay Straight Men Gym Fantasy Straight be a catcher for a change, after pitching all my life.

College Gay Straight Men Gym Fantasy Straight

And holy cow, the doctors click not joking around when they said the prostate gland is the male's G-spot. I was totally in sexual Ecstasy! It turned me into a freak and a monster begging for him to go deeper and harder, and looking back, I laughed at how the human body work.

It was simply the best sex of my life, without a doubt. My orgasm felt x better, no joke, I swear! Like I said, life's short and after my experience, it opened my eyes and made me less judgmental and a lot less anti-gay. I realized that my bigotry was irrational after I decided to give it a try.

Anyways, I wanted to tell u all my experience, and why I understand why there's so many gay people nowadays.

Feel free article source ask me anything! The cliffs are strong in this one. If this was your first gay experience at the gym where do your gay experiences normally happen? Rep back if you leave a link Jezus I aint gonna ready that. OP, you abusing dat der SRS tag? Op is definitely a phaggot. Please be a troll thread.

OP is a phaggotttttttttt. Well my first gay experience happened like this: I was about 50 yards or so up this path when I noticed a man standing off the side of the path apparently staring into the woods.

As I got closer I realized his pants were down around his ankles and I could see his ass. Now, I'm straight but I have to say that it was a really nicely shaped ass for a man and I took notice.

I Love You, Man (as a Friend)

I figured maybe he was drunk and just peeing in the bushes, so I started to walk quieter so I wouldn't disturb him. But as I got closer I started hearing strange grunts and sucking sounds. I realized there was another man blowing him.

Now, I'm not gay but I slowed my pace down to watch. I slowed and approached the standing man from behind. His friend didn't take any notice as his eyes were tightly closed.

I came right up behind the man standing so that I could have reached out and touched him. That's when I brought the cinder block down on his head, hard. I rolled them into the bushes and finished my walk. That was only my first of many such gay encounters.

And also of the gay sex. That's funny because I'd never thought I'd ever do this, but afterward I asked him if I can suck his ding dong. Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world theyve been given than see more explore the power they have to change it.

Impossible is not a fact. Went from LB LB, chiseling in College Gay Straight Men Gym Fantasy Straight I can confirm, I am wallet.

College Gay Straight Men Gym Fantasy Straight

Originally Posted by rbforme. Originally Posted by PotatosGonPotat. I never bought any of that "size matters" crap until my junior year in college. I lived in the dorms with two roommates, David and John. David was a pretty ordinary looking guy, kinda quiet - but John was tall, lean, muscular and according to him anyway was hung like a bull.

He used to joke about it a lot - even around my girlfriend, Amy. Amy was a sophomore and was petite, shy and somewhat quiet. I didn't like it when John would make his "big dick" comments and jokes around Amy, but she told me she didn't pay any attention to him and truth be told, she really couldn't stand John. I have a 5.

I was only the third guy she'd ever been with College Gay Straight Men Gym Fantasy Straight only her second boyfriend - maybe my guard was just down but College Gay Straight Men Gym Fantasy Straight knows. Anyway, one Friday night, Amy and I were hanging out in my dorm room drinking, smoking some weed and watching TV. David and John had both gone home for the weekend - or so we thought. He'd ended up hanging out with some of his friends off campus and had decided to just drive home in the morning since his parents only lived about an hour and a half away.

He could see that Amy and I were both pretty hammered. He grabbed a beer and sat down and we smoked somem more weed with him. John seemed to get a kick out of it and I could see him kinda flirting with Amy.

Then I noticed and hoped that Amy wouldn't that John wasn't wearing any underwear. Source heard John get up to pass Amy the joint we were smoking and I heard her gasp, long and deep and she suddenly stopped stroking my dick.

The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. He just stood there and I could feel her hand tremble and hear her breathing quicken. Then she softly whispered "ohhhhhhhhhhh" as she gingerly reached up to brush her finger tips across that massive knot in his pants. Amy did NOT laugh. Instead, she softly asked "can i see it? Amy never even hesitated - or looked back at me for an "OK" - just just obeyed him and began to open his jeans. I coudl see her nipples rock hard under her t-shirt and I could tell she was practically panting.

She opened his jeans and his big thick dick just fell out That cock was strong, thick, heavy and muscular. The head was a big purple mushroom that sat on top of the thickest shaft i'd ever seen. He was semi-hard and was HUGE compared to me.

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Amy just gasped and kept whispering "ohmygod. When she wrapped her hand around it, her brow just knotted in disbelief and she almost laughed at how thick he was - her fingers couldn't even touch. John just stood there watching my girlfriend worship his magnificent cock.

Slowly shaking her head in disbelief, College Gay Straight Men Gym Fantasy Straight source him - one hand learn more here to the other Amy smiled and patted the couch next to her and John sat down, his cock standing straight up.

Honestly he had to be almost 10" judging from the size of Amy's hand. I opened my pants and took my own cock out. Amy took my cock in her left hand and John's in her right - but there was little doubt whose cock was getting more attention. She couldn't take her eyes off his cock and her hand only occasionally stroked my dick She sucked his dick until SHE came - just from sucking him!

No wonder why it creates confusion. Went from LB LB, chiseling in progress Because I'm cute as a button, and he's hoping I'm going to give him my phone number, and also because I'm singing "I guess that's why they call it the blues" by Elton John. I would love for it to be true that all people are innately bisexual.