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Here are the ground rules: You can and will comment on these events without targeting oppressed groups in your choice of words. If your post contains such language in my opinion, I will delete it.

George's applause was perfunctory, his face in his usual dimwitted scowl. Contributors Maggie Jochild Margot. Chapter Thirty-Nine 1 Skene:

I am the moderator here. That hype click here in the mainstream media. Of course, we should celebrate those who perform well, but ALL of those who perform admirably, not just American.

You will receive prestige points for commenting intelligently about non-U. All performances worthy of attention should receive air time.

Distinguishing between your opinion which is fine and more documented fact will earn you more prestige points. Documentation and links are more valuable http://hookupsguide.info/date-hookup/37403740p-dating-37403740d.php vehement argument.

This is a general thread about the Olympics, the coming together of nations and the meaning therein. Read, listen, and give others a chance to jump in.

The artistic presentation was stunning in many, many regards. Beginning with a series of 29 "footsteps" across the vast city of Beijing which were outlined in fireworks, as if a giant were walking on a wet beach filled with phosphorescent organisms who burst into luminescence with every footfall, the new and beautiful structure called The Bird's Nest was reached.

Down by ten second intervals, until we reached 10, 9, I was particularly moved by the sound ofpeople chanting numbers in unison in who knows how many different languages, a sound both familiar and utterly untranslatable except definitively human. In the absolute center an Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Trees scroll unrolls. A group of dancers begin moving across the blank page at its heart, celebrating the three ancient Chinese brush arts: Painting, calligraphy, and poetry.

Each dancer leaves a mark, because enormous ink pads at the edges leave red, green and black on their feet. They are creating what is called a "Mountains and Waters" painting Shan Suia style used for millenia to reflect the harmony between elements of nature.

Harmony is the overriding theme of this ceremony. Where America celebrates and fetishizes individualism, many other places in the world pay much more attention to harmony, to creating a harmonious society. Our ethnocentrism generally leads us to read this as stepping on the rights of the individual. However, I try to step outside my conditioning and my bias, as I watch this, to understand that harmony is necessary to lift a huge population from poverty and hunger.

Warfare always creates deprivation around it. You grok, of course, that I'm not advocating repression by the state to avoid dissension.

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I'm simply attempting to admit a contrary idea. Gandhi said "There are those so hungry that the only meaningful definition of God is bread. The scholars traveled around China, offering advice on how to maintain a harmonious society.

It was deeply cold tonight, so Myra had Gillam carry down one of the outdoor heaters from the upper deck to put between them, and Carly took them her Anacortes chess table, giving them a pretext for huddling away from the http://hookupsguide.info/date-hookup/64566456p-dating-64566456n.php group. What are the 56 ethnicities officially recognized by the government of China? As they were finishing, the fisher-folk came in loudly trumpeting their respective victories. The following countries had contingents of more than 3, but had only 1 woman athlete marching:

The scholars give way to a throng of printing presses the Chinese invented this as well. These are blocks with a human being inside them, and all their motion is done by choreography -- no computers, no hydraulics.

They move up and down in irregular waves, as if the wind is blowing them. This references a famous Confucian saying, "The virtuous leader can pass across his subjects with the ease of the wind. The crowd's reaction is extreme. It is an extreme part of Chinese history, the transition from isolationism to joining a world community. A female dancer appears, supported by others, representing the new openness of China.

The period of China opening to trade and navigating the globe begins, showing Zheng Hethe great navigator of the Ming Dynasty who was the first to master use of a magnetic compass. He was an explorer, diplomat, and fleet admiral, a major figure in Chinese history. He was also a eunuch. From the ship and sea imagery emerges a modern era, symbolized by a mass of figures in bright colors with light-up costumes. They arrange into the shape of a dove, which flaps its wings -- amazing choreography.

Over them is now suspended a little girl, Chou Chou, who is flying a massive tiger kite. Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Trees group of children representing 56 ethnicities of China move into the center.

What are the 56 ethnicities officially recognized by the government of China? Go here to find out. Shorter answer, according to Wikipedia: The major minority ethnic groups are Zhuang Can you imagine our own government creating a list of American ethnicities without deliberately leaving out someone? Surrounding the children are Tai Chi masters going through forms. One of the commentators, I think Costas the Moron, refers to them "doing karate".

They flow into absolutely perfect concentric circles as seen from above, without the aid of any markings on the floor -- they form these through Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Trees awareness of each other. One of the commentators go here that in the philosophy behind Tai Chi, a movement in one direction often begins with a subtle movement in the opposite direction.

Again, the idea being emphasized is harmony, that between humans and nature. During this, Bush is talking nonstop to Putin, over their wives and an aide -- he is not watching this part of the ceremonies. The Tai Chi masters give way to soldiers, who march in protective order around the children. I am jarred by this.

The commentators say this represents the state guaranteeing stability, and thus protecting the children's future. My Quaker heart struggles to consider such a notion. A little girl is singing "Hymn to My Country". When the flag carried by the children is passed to the soldiers, they sing the Chinese national anthem "March of the Volunteers".

An enormous globe rises, and the first three Click space explorers, taikonauts, receive homage. Suspended sideways by wires, I'm guessing, figures run in tracks around the globe above -- fantastic athleticism and artistry combined.

The cultural part of the opening ceremonies was a stunning success, but was marred by the fact that none of the thousands of drummers, martial artists, scholars, or explorers portrayed were women.

Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Trees

For a fabulous set of photos covering the opening ceremonies, check out the Boston Globe online. We move into the Parade of Nations. Because the host nation does not have an "alphabet" which is in a particular sequence, the order of nations as they more info is determined by the number of strokes in the Chinese characters spelling their name.

Greece, of course, leads the way as is traditional. But each of the Greek athletes is carrying a Chinese flag as well as a Greek flag. I am welling up: Patriotism can be expressed in a non-selfish manner. Of the nations appearing in this Olympics, are marching. The missing group is Brunei.

Of these87 have never won a medal in any Olympics. They are here for the honor of being here, and this, the Parade of Nations, is their shining moment. Without a predictable order to the sequence, the atlas game -- finding the nation just entering the stadium on an atlas -- becomes an adrenalin-filled scramble.

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For a list of the nations in the order they appeared, their flags and flag-bearers, check this Wikipedia entry. Niger had only one athlete attending, and he was of course the flag-bearer. The following countries had contingents of more than 3, but had NO women athletes marching: The following countries had contingents of more than 3, but had only 1 woman athlete marching: The following countries had contingents of several people but had suspiciously low numbers of women athletes marching: As far as I'm concerned, a nation who can't foster women's equality is unlikely to foster basic freedom for its citizens.

It should be right up there with ending race and class oppression. Vanuatu has the oldest Olympic competitor in these games, a man in his 70s who has been competing in equestrian events since the Olympics of Palestine has a swimmer competing despite the fact that they have no Olympic-sized swimming pool in which to Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Trees.

Shades of Eric Moussambani.

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Taiwan, once again forced to march under the name Chinese Taipei because China will not recognize them as Taiwan and to use a flag not their own, nevertheless drew a huge, heartening cheer from the crowd in The Bird's Nest. Iraq also drew a huge cheer. The camera cuts to George and Laura Bush. George's applause was perfunctory, his face in his usual dimwitted scowl. Jordan's contingent of seven had four women, three men. Nauru, in their first Olympic link, is a nation of 8 square miles with a population of 13, -- but they sent a woman athlete.

North and South Korea did not march together this time, although the IOC offered them the opportunity. Governmental pressure prevailed, and the North Korean contingent asked to march separated from their sistren by at least three contingents. Our increasingly polarized world via Chimpy and Gunner Dick's master plan.

Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Trees

After all the blondingly white visages of so many wealthy European and formerly Russian national contingents, I was glad to see solid blocks of people of color in the U. But it's a mixed gladness.