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How To Train Your Dragon 2: Hiccup and Astrid Scene

27 Oct Growing Up Haddock Story 1: Hiccup and Astrid have just gotten married and begun a life together. But things get complicated when, two months after their wedding, Astrid discovers she's pregnant. Are they ready for parenthood? Only HTTYD and R/DoB are canon. THERE ARE SEQUELS! Rated: Fiction T. 20 Mar Hiccup days were filled with: teaching Vikings how to train dragons, working in the shop with Gobber on making saddles for the villagers, helping Fishlegs write Hiccup then began going to Astrid's house so they can go on the date they were planning since yesterday when he was blocked in the way by. 4 Apr Astrid's pov. I'm Astrid Hofferson and I am 15 years old. I'm the fastest and youngest warrior on Berk. Everyone on Berk knows that I am strong and they all think that I have no weaknesses, but I only have one that no one knows. His name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third, mostly known as the biggest.

A story about Hiccup and Astrid on Berk. They are now Takes place after httyd 2. This is my first story ever so please don't hate.

How To Train Your Dragon Fanfiction Hiccup And Astrid Dating

Sorry if I have some bad grammar or spelling mistakes. I am here to please some. Inspired to write thi As Hiccup was waiting for Astrid to come down the aisle he was looking around the room, looking at all the people. Just then the doors opened and along came Astrid. She was wearing a white dress that goes all the way down to her feet and was wearing a white fur cloak and her helmet.

After she made her way down the aisle she and Hiccup exchanged wedding gold rings that said their name on each other's.

How To Train Your Dragon: Hiccup/Astrid Fanfiction | FanFiction

Then they said their vows to each other. After that the crowd starting eating.

I have a boyfriend! Please forgive the quickness or sloppiness of it. She kept her back turned as Jacob continued to hover over her dangerously. Also, there were prototypes of different kinds of machines everywhere where drawings weren't placed. Ever since she made yaknog a few days ago, she thinks she can cook.

After the rings and vows Astrid and Hiccup sat down and read the terms of marriage. As Astrid was reading she noticed something odd.

Astrid said in a worried voice. Showing Hiccup which term. As Hiccup was reading the term it said 'The wife of the chief will be checked out every mouth to see if she is with child. If I am going to bare your child then you will need to know all that stuff!

Then he realized what he just said when a thought came to his head. You must be really having fun with that metal rod to consider me a nuisance," Astrid was still glaring. Hiccup and Astrid have just gotten married and begun a life together. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

So why are you worried? This conversation was making Astrid feel a little awkward and she was starting to blush.

How To Train Your Dragon Fanfiction Hiccup And Astrid Dating

Hiccup noticed Astride was getting embarrassed so he quickly ensured her that everything was going to be okay. And I will make sure that the person who does it, knows what they are doing and you are comfortable with them". Showing a little less embarrassed now. So should we sign the papers to our marriage? After Hiccup and Astrid signed the papers they kissed each other.

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Gobber came over and asked if they were ready to announce their final marriage. After that big day, Astrid and Hiccup went to their house.

Hiccup's mother thought it was a good idea for her to stay with her friends for the next week while Astrid and Hiccup get settled in.

Hiccup is Astrid's boyfriends, a how to train your dragon fanfic | FanFiction

Married, home, alone, and in love. But he knew what she was talking about.

After that the two married couple were on their way. By the end of the night Hiccup and Astrid had fully completed their marriage with the show of physical love. Log in Sign Up. Read this story for FREE!