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10 Stupid Yahoo Answers Questions About Interracial Relationships . black then you can just go live in an african country where they only have black off, the only people that get hooked up through interracial dating between blacks and whites, are black men and white women. white men seldom hook up with black women. top 10 american free dating site free interracial dating sites yahoo answers Special. what is the best asian dating site. Ringe. what is the best asian dating website. windows live hotmail chat history free dating websites yahoo answers Kategorie. what's the best free asian dating site · real free dating sites india. south african. Polycom IP Videotelefone kaufen bei hookupsguide.info ✓ schneller Versand via DHL + DPD ✓ Reseller-Konditionen verfügbar ✓ Lieferung ohne VAT ins Ausland.

Closed Thread Page 1 of 5 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Now given that most interracial relationships involve whites with a partner that isn't white and those are the only kinds of interracial relationships which society really considers "interracial" Interracial Hookup In South Africa Yahoo Answers am going to discuss that.

When white males go interracial it is like you see them go for all kinds of women. Now I even see white guys with black, mixed, and persian girls too. When white females go interracial much less often than white males I only see them with black guys in high enough numbers.

Not to say I haven't seen white women with latinos or asians but it is an anomaly here in southern california especially given the high asian and latino population here compared to black guys with white girls. I've witnesses this throughout America and even in my stay in Canada but I don't get it, why is it so?

Originally Posted by Kev Hollywood has been on the "its okay to date black guys" thing for a long time now. Indians, Asians, Mexibrahs, not so much. Black males are pretty much the definition of masculinity in Americaa, for the good and the bad.

Then you add in the crime aspect as well which makes a lot of them seem like taboo. You rarely see that combo with other races. With check this out races specifically Asians they're generally seen as frail, effeminate, weak, passive, easy to pick fun at etc in the eyes of the media.

I have talked to white girls who grow up in places like the suburbs of orange county that have always wanted to be with a black guy at least just once to try it out. I am telling ya, these girls are crazy for black guys because they haven't been around many of them and desperately want to try one out.


Being a white guy I get to hear things from these girls that they would never tell a guy from a minority background, these were mainly american and canadian girls. One of my friends from work is was this persian guy who was constantly told by women around him that he should find himself a "a nice persian woman".

Don't doubt your experience at all alphaq. Continue reading find that Canadian women love black guys, even in tough places like toronto a decent looking black guy can easily get a Cobie Smulders or Rachel McAdams lookalike for a girlfriend.

Couldn't comprehend how I saw so many black guys with white girls in Toronto but hardly any asians or pakistanis with them until I finally talked to the women there. They actively avoided most of the guys that looked asian or any kind of brown there. It's the same mentality in California, see more guys aren't the norm here so a lot of white girls think about them as some sort of fantasy from porn or a rap video which makes it easy for any guy who is black to clean up.

Asians and latinos are very common here and you almost never seen guys of those backgrounds with white girls, like ever, it's a rare sight and I have known a few white women who tell me they actively avoid these guys. I get a lot of hate for just hanging Interracial Hookup In South Africa Yahoo Answers with them.

Just confirms a lot of what I said in the OP so it seems like asian and latino guys who like white girls and I known quite a few that do will definitely have to lower their standards if they are here in the US and not go for the hbbs. Preventing Violence By James Gilligan. Originally Posted by BetaAsPhuck.

White women are pretty overrated though.

I've asked my friends this too and they say it is for a variety of reasons: Looks because light hair, pale skin, and light colored eyes are hard to find in other races. Ego boost, they want to screw a white girl because they are so pedestalized. It is their way of making it in american society and living the american dream. I think in our psychology we all want what we can't have. They are not even on her radar and she doesn't care if he is aaron hernandez or mark sanchez, she does not want anything to do with him and most latinos and asian men know this but they want to defy it.

Some weird psychology going on there. Typical white women are garbage. White men have realized this and have moved on Interracial Hookup In South Africa Yahoo Answers women who have class, morals and values. That leaves white women and black men. I'm not gonna lie though, I put them on a pedestal for awhile. Not anymore though lol. I copy snd pasted this Yahoo Answer from someone who I think presented a extremely valid point in the reason why white girls idolize black men so much.

They want to experience what its like being with someone outside their race. Black girls think sometimes its because black men are packing down there that's why they would date them.

At times that could be the case, but really its because of a cultural curiosity. There curious about dating a black guy and how the relationship would turn out. You see, some black guys have an appeal that charm white girls and the white girls would think their sagging pants, their cursing, and their rapping is http://hookupsguide.info/date-hookup/646646m-dating-646646g.php cool. They are not use to that cultural difference when they are with white guys.

Sometimes white girls would date them because some black guys like to woo women and compliment them and they are probably not use to getting that from their white men. If a white guy complimented them they say simply "oh thank you," whereas if a black man complimented them they become so infatuated like they never heard such a compliment before.

It is their way of making it in american society and living the american dream. Don't listen to the previous answers saying its low self-esteem. The exact same prejudices that the black datinh throw on white females out of complex and frustration?

Now all this I'm saying depends on the person. Everyone is different and may not be the same for link white girl or black guy.

Sometimes not all white women like black men and they may even agree with the reasons you stated. Sometimes not all black men love white women because they don't have booty or their use to the chocolate. Everything depends on the situation and the person.

I myself like white guys, because their just different and they are more sensible and understanding when it comes to relationships. I think they are far more attractive and sexy as well. The way I said it, a white girl could say the same for a black guy only different.

It could be for different reasons. Don't listen to the previous answers saying its low self-esteem. It really isn't that and don't let it get to you because at the end of the day people are gonna date who they want regardless of anything. Usually black women are used to the whole swag player black guy act but white girls who grew up in a totally different culture can't get enough. Back to me Im a Hispanic male. The other day while I was at a restaurant with my girlfriend she told me that her parents especially her mother is against interracial relationships.

My girl told me she doesn't particularly like black guys but the hype around them would make her date at least one in her life if she wasn't with me. Im not the jealous type but she pretty much summed it up. I think another reason why white men or even Hispanic or Asian men get mad when a girl goes out with a black guy is because Interracial Hookup In South Africa Yahoo Answers of black guys will try to rub in the face of other guys.

Interracial Hookup In South Africa Yahoo Answers

Like yea I'm black and your white and I got your girl. When a white guy goes out with a black woman or a Hispanic with a white women or Asian with a white lady they dont try to throw out the race card and brag they have sweet white candy. Most black guys don't brag but the here that do like rappers, athletes and tv poo personalities stand out and form that stereotype.

White girls easily link for them because many American girls are especially easy to desieve through media. The first answer had a point. In places where black guys are common such as the south a lot of the white girls aren't going crazy over them or having the fetish.

The thing about CA is that black guys here are rare compared to other races because black people are the smallest minority group in the entire state so there is that novelty factor.

Interracial Hookup In South Africa Yahoo Answers

Black guys seem to have a lot of success with quality white girls in areas where the black population read article low. Black men deserve the right to brag because out of all of the minorities they are the only ones have success with white american women that generally don't go interracial.

Don't know about you but if I was smashing a girl that was hot and was told her entire life to stay away from someone like me then I would brag too. I think that deep down ethnic groups such as asian, latino, and arabian men are envious that they can't have success with the same kinds of women that black men can here in California. Having talked to them I know they all want that kind of a woman but can't have her because she just doesn't see the point in dating them.

I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I see a lot more black men with white women than latino or asian here with white women even though we have as many as 4 times the latino than black population in california.

However, if you are a white woman, it is not guaranteed that all or majority of white men will be attracted to you. Similarly, if you are a white man, it is not guaranteed that all or majority of Interracial Hookup In South Africa Yahoo Answers women will be attracted to you.

A lot of white men and white women have bad skin; have dark spots on the face, on the shoulders, and other areas of the body, that make them unattractive to the people from other races let alone to the people of white race. I see a white woman from a distance and say to myself "well, that girl looks pretty", "oh, that girl looks hot", and when I go close and approach them, they are not as attractive and as hot as I felt from a distance Interracial Hookup In South Africa Yahoo Answers to dark spots on their faces.

It happens to me all the time. Attraction and chemistry beats the race.

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That's my take on this subject. Most people date within link race. Those that go outside of it will do so based on where they live, if it's a multi-ethnic community, socially acceptable etc.

Hollywood has been pimping the big-macho-black guy thing since the 70s so there's that too. They used to call it 'Blaxploitation' now it is the norm. Originally Posted by skinnybig2. Might just be because of media image here in America especially in a place like CA where people are more shallow than anywhere else in the nation. That said I do think that the woes of a lot of ethnic men that aren't black or white are self-inflicted, the reason black men get a lot of representation in media is because a lot of pro athletes and musicians are black themselves.

Despite their large population, you don't see too many hispanic football players outside of Mark Sanchez or Aaron Hernandez.

Go to mobile site. So, I consider myself to be among the ranks of successful black men. Sometimes not all white women like black men and they may even agree with the reasons you stated.

American culture socially prizes athletes, actors, and musicians over other professions, young kids look up to them as role models and women especially american women fantasize about being with them.

That could be one major reason as to why it is rare to see a latino I repeat not the white onesasian, or arabian guy with a hot white girl here in the US even in a state like CA.